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One of the biggest challenges a man faces when trying to surprise his significant other with an engagement ring is finding her correct finger size. Too small and the ring will not fit on the finger. Too large and the ring will not stay on her finger. To help you find her perfect size (or to get close enough) here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Whatever method you select, make sure you are measuring her ring finger on her left hand. The ring finger on the right hand is usually a different size!
  2. Try asking her friends to see if she has ever been sized for an engagement ring.
  3. If she happens to wear a ring on the correct finger, try to "borrow" the ring for a day and let us find the size for you.
  4. Another effective method is to tie a small piece of string around her finger and measure that length. We can then determine the correct finger size from that measurement.
  5. All engagement rings purchased from Los Angeles Diamond Factory come with a free re-sizing after the proposal. This way we can ensure a perfect fit for her perfect ring!

Our shopping guide is coming soon! For now check out our additional diamond resources for help creating your dream engagement ring!

Need help with proposal ideas? Here are some of our favorite ideas that we have heard from our clients:

  1. Bring the family: One of our clients decided to make his proposal a family affair by inviting both families to a surprise dinner for his girlfriend. This allowed everyone in the family to immediately celebrate after the proposal and they were able to capture the entire proposal on film!
  2. Put on a show: One of our clients organized one of the most memorable proposals we have ever heard. He organized a stage play involving all of their friends acting out memorable moments that he had with his girlfriend. At the end of the play he proposed in front of all their friends and family. She was completely blown away!
  3. Double it up: Another client of ours ran into a tiny problem when asking his soon to be in-laws for permission to marry their daughter. The date he had selected was the day before their other daughter was set to be proposed to! So instead of trying to beat his soon to be brother-in-law, he arranged it so that they would propose to the sisters on the same day at the same time. Imagine their surprise when they called each other!