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We specialize in providing excellent cut diamonds and custom made engagement rings. Let us help you design your dream engagement ring today.


Our signature five step program has been designed to streamline the custom design process and to allow for maximum creativity. We encourage our clients to bring pictures and drawings of designs or styles that they like. Our design team is at your disposal and can help you create your own signature piece.

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Design Concept:

Whether by email, phone, or in person we want to hear about your ideas for a custom made engagement ring! The first step is reaching out to us in the manner most convenient to you. Once a connection has been established with one of our team members, we will begin working on the process of finding your dream engagement ring. We encourage our clients to visit our engagement rings page to look at some of the designs we currently offer and search for inspiration for their own custom design. Get the process started today!

Design Creation:

The next step is to come by our Los Angeles office to discuss in person your custom diamond engagement ring. This meeting is the most important of our five step process as it allows our clients to actually see and touch pieces of jewelry that may be similar to their design concept. During this step we are focused on finding styles or themes that our clients find appealing. By discovering a client's base theme or style, we can offer creative suggestions to maintain the overall look they are after. This step is also a great chance for our clients to share additional photos or ideas of other engagement rings with us. The goal of this step is to begin to lay the framework down for our client's custom made engagement ring. Contact us to get started on your custom engagement ring!

Select your Stone:

Whether your ideal center stone is an emerald, sapphire, ruby, or a timeless diamond, we can help you build a custom engagement ring that will last a lifetime.  Finding a center stone is one of our favorite steps in the entire process.  All of our diamonds are fully certified by either EGLUSA or GIA.  As diamond cutters ourselves, we strive to ensure that each diamond we sell is of the highest cut grade and provides our clients with the highest level of brilliance obtainable.  Our diamond viewing appointments are tailored to fit your specific diamond requirements and budget.  Using your custom engagement ring design ideas, we look for specific stones that will accentuate your custom designed engagement ring perfectly.  To set up your diamond viewing appointment contact us today!

Visualize your Design:

Once a center stone has been selected, it is time to design your custom engagement ring! This step involves a one-on-one meeting with our in-house designer to custom design your dream engagement ring. This 30 minute meeting is where we take all of the information from the first three steps and put them together to design your custom engagement ring. Our expert designer will guide you towards the finishing touches on your one-of-a-kind engagement ring. During this appointment you will get to actually see a CAD (computer aided design) rendering of your engagement ring. It is here where you will begin to see your dream engagement ring become a reality! Contact us today to get started!
custom-design1.jpg      custom-design2.jpg      custom-design3.jpg

Pick up your finished Engagement Ring:

Approximately two weeks after the final design meeting your brand new engagement ring will be ready for pickup!  It is here where you will finally be able to put on the hand finished engagement ring of your dreams.  Each custom made engagement ring purchased from Los Angeles Diamond Factory comes with an official appraisal of the piece, a GIA or EGL diamond certificate, and our lifetime guarantee!  For more information on the custom design process, please contact us today!