Why Choose Us

We specialize in providing excellent cut diamonds and custom made engagement rings. Let us help you design your dream engagement ring today.


  • How Long Does it Take?

    A typical custom designed engagement ring will take approximately two weeks to complete. Most of our clients will meet with us for an hour or so before deciding on a design and accompanying diamonds. The actual design creation takes approximately 30 minutes and is done usually on the same day. Once a design has been approved, two weeks later a brand new engagement ring is ready to be picked up.

  • How Much Does it Cost?

    A custom designed ring can be made in almost any budget. By selecting stones and a metal to fit within a client's budget, almost any design can be made without going over the client's budget.

  • Design

    Our design process has been refined to make it one of the most enjoyable experiences of the engagement process. Any aspect of any ring can be customized to your liking. Our expert team excels at taking your ideas and turning them into a reality. It all starts with the first appointment where we begin to narrow down your search and begin to create your dream engagement ring. Contact us to begin your journey.

  • Materials

    Every part of the custom ring process can be customized, including the materials used. We have made engagement rings in platinum, gold, palladium, and even silver. We have also used several variations of gemstones and every shape and size diamond. The choices are unlimited and entirely up to you!

  • Labor

    Almost every custom piece is completely made by hand. Our expert team works hard to ensure that each and every ring is made to the highest of standards.

  • Guarantee

    Our expert team of jewelers utilizes an extraordinary amount of care when creating each individual piece. We expect to deliver the highest quality to our clients year round. Because of this, we offer a lifetime warranty on each piece that covers any flaws in design or craftsmanship. This warranty is dependent upon a yearly inspection by our team starting with the first date you pick up your item. Los Angeles Diamond Factory is not responsible for any damage caused by normal wear and tear. Los Angeles Diamond Factory reserves the right to define the cause of any damage to an item. This includes the distinction between a flaw in design and/or craftsmanship or damage due to normal wear and tear. We suggest to all of our clients to insure their jewelry to prevent financial losses in case of loss of their jewelry.