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30 years in the industry

Los Angeles Diamond Factory was founded by Mervyn Hahn in 1981 with the objective of giving the customer first rate service with a superior quality product which was until recently only available at fine jewelry boutiques. Mervyn, a first generation U.S. citizen, was born and raised in South Africa in the shadows of the dusty gold and diamond mines. After his formal schooling, he entered the diamond cutting profession and learned the trade in one of South Africa's foremost diamond cutting facilities.

Our jewelers and setters are highly trained and experienced craftsmen. Using our expertise we will craft a piece of jewelry for you that you will be proud of for many years. We realize that purchasing diamonds and jewelry over the internet can be a formidable experience. Our pledge is to deal with you in a personal manner, and not let a commissioned salesman that only has his/her own interest at heart, work with you.

"Los Angeles Diamond Factory is by far the best Jeweler out there!! I love my engagement ring!"

Rashmi V., Satisfied Customer

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