FAQs and Policies

Why Choose Us

We specialize in providing excellent cut diamonds and custom made engagement rings. Let us help you design your dream engagement ring today.

1. Warranty

Our expert team of jewelers utilizes an extraordinary amount of care when creating each individual piece. We expect to deliver the highest quality to our clients year round. Because of this, we offer a lifetime warranty on each piece that covers any flaws in design or craftsmanship. This warranty is dependent upon a yearly inspection by our team starting with the first date you pick up your item. Los Angeles Diamond Factory is not responsible for any damage caused by normal wear and tear. Los Angeles Diamond Factory reserves the right to define the cause of any damage to an item. This includes the distinction between a flaw in design and/or craftsmanship or damage due to normal wear and tear. We suggest to all of our clients to insure their jewelry to prevent financial losses in case of loss of their jewelry.

2. Returns and Exchanges

We offer a 14 day return policy on all non-custom orders. All returns must be in their original condition with no indication of damage or use. Unfortunately, we do not offer returns on custom items. We do offer a full exchange for another item in store, minus labor costs associated with the custom piece. All return(s) must include any certification provided by Los Angeles Diamond Factory. Any returns without original gemological certification are subject to a replacement fee no more than $400 (actual value based on stone(s) being returned). Contact our office if you wish to begin the return process.

3. Special Orders & Custom Pieces

We do not offer returns on custom made items. We do offer a full exchange for another item in store, minus the labor costs associated with the custom piece. We do offer returns on custom pieces if it due to an error of Los Angeles Diamond Factory. Any changes requested after completion of a custom piece are subject to additional fees. A deposit of 20% is required to begin work on all custom items. Most custom pieces can be completed within two weeks.

4. Layaway

Los Angeles Diamond Factory’s offers a 6 month long layaway program to all our clients. All items over $200 are eligible for our layaway program. A 30% deposit is required to place the item into the program. The remaining balance is split evenly into payments to be made monthly during the 6 month long process. Layaway deposits are refundable within the first 14 days and are subject to our policies regarding returns (this includes Special Orders & Custom Pieces). If an item(s) in layaway goes unpaid for 2 months, the item(s) will be cancelled and the money paid will be converted to in-store credit only. In store credit will be kept for six months starting at the date it is issued. After six months, any balance in store credit will be forfeited.

5. Payment Methods

We proudly accept the following payment methods:
• Credit Cards: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover
• Cashiers Checks/Bank Wire Transfers
• Financing Options Available for Approved Customers
• Cash

6. Ethical Sourcing

In accordance with United Nations General Assembly Resolution 55/56, we only purchase diamonds that adhere to the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme.